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Indoor Shooting Tips 101

No matter if you've been shooting your whole life or if you just started, working on the fundamentals is guaranteed to make you better. In the videos below, we break down some of the easiest things to practice while at home, without ever firing a round.

Fundamental Safety Rules

No matter if it's your first gun, or your 50th - these fundamental safety rules are non-negotiable.

Presenting Your Firearm

Know how to properly and efficiently present your firearm so it becomes second nature.

Enhancing Grip For Recoil

Proper pressure and friction are the key to reducing recoil and increasing repeatable accuracy.

Shooting With A Red Dot

The advantages of using a red dot over iron sights and how it will improve your shooting.

Natural Point Of Aim

Practice and establish your natural point of aim to become a more proficient shooter.

Red Dot Sights

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