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Shepherds of Helmand

Honoring the Oregon National Guard

This is the story of an Oregon National Guard team that deployed to Afghanistan to train the Afghan National Army. As their mission changed, they found themselves in constant combat in the deadly Helmand Province. After months of savage fighting, they returned home as one of the most decorated units in Oregon National Guard history. Narrated by Donald Trump Jr., this award winning documentary provides a personal look into the experiences of 17 men during their historic tour.

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The Mighty Endeavor

100% of the proceeds go to the Mighty Endeavor - Veterans' Legacies to help us continue our mission to preserve veterans' personal stories, honor their service and sacrifice, and educate our youth.


The Mighty Endeavor is a Veteran's Legacies project focused on three things: Preserving our heritage, Honoring our veterans, and Educating our youth through direct contact with the men and women who have answered the call to serve our country.

PRESERVE: The goal is to collect and preserve more than a Million Veterans’ personal stories and experiences, through their unvarnished firsthand accounts, photos, historical documents and records, imagery, and video interviews.

HONOR: To honor our veterans’ service and personal sacrifice by reconnecting them with their communities. Giving them a voice and an audience to hear it. Ensuring that each veteran’s selfless service is given due respect.

EDUCATE: To combine an inclusive academic curriculum and special community events to give students the chance to learn history and to connect with the men and women who have helped preserve our rights and freedoms.

Inside Leupold & Stevens, Inc.

Leupold & the U.S. Military

We embrace our duty as a true American manufacturer to support our country, our troops, and our neighbors with the same intensity that we support and protect our own families.

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Behind the Scenes

Our self-reliant spirit continues to drive us to manufacture premium optics in America and guarantee that they’ll last a lifetime.

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