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Leupold Gun Rack: John W.

Semi-Custom Remington 700 SPS

A rifle scope is an integral part of a system, and when that system works flawlessly, it’s a beautiful thing. We not only make the world’s best scopes, we put them to the test on a daily basis. This is the Leupold Gun Rack - a place to share the firearms built and used by Leupold employees.

This month, we’re diving into John W’s semi-custom Remington 700 SPS chambered in .308 Winchester - his go-to rifle for field firing competitions and hunting. John joined Leupold about 2 years ago and works in marketing as a Communications Coordinator. He also serves in the U.S. Army as a Senior Sniper for the 1-186 Infantry Regiment. John’s Remington is an extension of this experience.

While it started off with a 24-inch carbon steel bull barrel with a right hand 10” twist, he cut it down to 16 inches, shedding weight and making it more maneuverable. On the end of that barrel sits a Fast-Attach Surefire suppressor to keep it quiet.

Next, John swapped out the stock and trigger assembly. He chose a KRG Whisky 3 Chassis, which features a solid aluminum backbone and highly customizable ergonomics. And since a trigger can make or break a custom build, he chose a Jewell. This precision CNC machined trigger assembly allows the shooter to dial in the trigger pull weight to exactly what he or she wants.

John topped this rifle off with a Leupold Mark 4 4.5-14x50 M5 front focal with a TMR reticle. It’s mounted with a 20 MOA Mark 4 1-piece base and a set Mark 4 30mm high rings. The scope and mount combination allows for up to 90 MOA of elevation adjustment and 70 MOA of windage.

The whole setup looks killer, but does it shoot? John’s answer, “.18 MOA on the reg using 118 LR.”

I think we could all live with that!

Spec List

Model: Remington SPS

Action: Short

Barrel: Bull barrel

Chambering: .308

Twist Rate: 1/10

Preferred Ammo: Factory Sierra BTHP - 188LR

Stock: KRG Whiskey 3

Trigger: Jewell

Suppressor/Muzzle Break: Surefire

Optic: Mark 4 4.5-14x50 M5 FFP TMR

Finish: Rattle can

Build Cost

Mark 4 Scope: $2,000.00

Mark 4 Rings and bases: $300.00

REM 700 SPS: $731.00

KRG Whisky 3 Chassis: $899.00

Jewell Trigger: $240.00

Surefire Suppressor: $1,100.00

Harris Bipod: $105.00

Rattle Can/Color: $8.99

Total: $5,383.99

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