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Relentless Reliability : Introducing The New VX–Freedom


Innovation is at the very core of the American spirit – we aspire to be independent, to build our own solutions, to constantly improve. It was that core trait that drove Marcus Leupold – son of Fred, the legendary co-founder of Leupold & Stevens, Inc. – to throw aside a riflescope that failed him and build something better. More than 70 years later, that spirit still thrives at Leupold, and it’s embodied tenfold in the new VX-Freedom line of riflescopes.

You want relentless reliability? The VX-Freedom delivers it. You want elite optical performance at a price you can’t ignore? Consider that box checked. You want to unleash your rimfire rifle, dominate from any tree stand, or tag out across an open draw? The VX-Freedom has you covered.

The entire VX-Freedom line is designed, machined, and assembled right here in the U.S.A. with one purpose in mind – to give you the freedom to put a Leupold on any hunting rifle, .22, AR, or long gun you own, knowing it will perform for a lifetime.

Only a company with our history and engineering expertise can deliver an American-made optic that boasts performance and affordability like the VX-Freedom. You’re looking at best-in-class optics – crisp, clear images with unmatched edge-to-edge clarity. And because we know you don’t back down to a challenge, it’s also complete with military-spec lens coatings that provide abrasion resistance, protecting the riflescope in the most challenging terrain.

Did we mention that you’ll be able to see the previously unseen? It's no secret that the first and last 20 minutes of any big game hunt are often the most crucial – it's when the animals are most likely to be up and moving and when you're most likely to get a shot. Thing is, that's also when there's not much light to work with, and you can't hit what you and your riflescope can't see. That’s why the VX-Freedom line incorporates Leupold’s Twilight Light Management System, a proprietary lens coating system that increases the amount of usable light that reaches your eye. Translation: Your optic will still be able see Bullwinkle during those last five minutes of legal light even if your naked eye can’t. Which means you’re more likely to be calling buddies to help you pack out a kill under the stars.

The VX-Freedom series is everything you’ve come to expect from a Leupold optic. It's tested to the very same ruggedness standards as our top-tier riflescopes. It’s also backed by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee because we know you’re going to put it through the paces.

At the end of the day, you don’t quit, and you don’t back down. Neither should your optics. Epic moments don't create themselves. Be bold. Be relentless.

The VX-Freedom is built to deliver the versatility and performance hunters and shooters have come to expect from our brand. Whether you're looking for your first scope or your fortieth, there will be a VX-Freedom that's purpose-built to suit your needs.

- Tim Lesser, VP of Product Development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc.


Versatility to the max.

The VX-Freedom will initially be available in some of the industry’s most popular magnification ranges, such as 1.5-4x20, 2-7x33, 3-9x40, 3-9x50, 4-12x40. All VX-Freedom models offer second focal plane reticles and 1-inch maintubes. The series will support muzzleloader, rimfire, and centerfire options for consumers - with all new reticles to support each medium.

New scopes, new reticles.

Alongside the standard Duplex and Pig-Plex offerings, the Freedom is available with a Tri-MOA, Rimfire MOA, or UltimateSlam reticle. The Tri-MOA reticle is designed to fill tags – hash marks in 1-MOA increments give you precise reference points for quick, accurate shots, and the upper portion is clear, making it easy to keep an eye on the game animal in your sights. The Rimfire MOA reticle stretches your favorite plinking rifle’s legs out to 200 yards and beyond. The vertical hash marks are set for rimfire rifle ballistics at 1-MOA increments. The UltimateSlam, meanwhile, offers hold points from 50 to 300 yards for muzzleloaders and shotguns.

Built to last as long as you do - or longer.

Like every scope line that comes out of the Leupold factory, the VX-Freedom line is "punisher tested and verified." That means it's endured a relentless process of testing that replicates a lifetime of abuse. Further, the VX-Freedom is backed by our legendary Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. You won't outlast us, you can't outperform us.

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