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Relentless Recovery with the new LTO-Tracker HD

When it comes to our surroundings, there’s always more than meets the eye. Visible light is merely the starting point to seeing what exists in the world. Astronomers use infrared waves to study the stars, and medical professionals rely on X-ray technology to treat patients. With the launch of the award-winning LTO-Tracker in 2017, thermal technology quickly became more accessible to the everyday hunter looking to identify game, blood trails, and more.

Like a good knife, binoculars, and a rangefinder, thermal devices are becoming essential gear. If you enjoyed using the original LTO-Tracker, buckle up. Our recently launched LTO-Tracker HD takes thermal technology to another level. The second-generation thermal sensor detects heat out to 750 yards and a new 390x390 pixel full-circle display offers improved resolution, day or night. It’s also stupid simple to use. Just hold down the power button and the LTO-Tracker HD fires up, offering eight thermal color settings and a user dimmable display. It can run for up to 10 hours on a single CR123 battery, and at just 5.8 inches long and less than 10 ounces, it can be carried comfortably in any pocket. 

While the LTO-Tracker HD was designed to be an animal recovery tool, we’ve found that its applications have extended well beyond hunting, with uses ranging from security to identification to recovery.

Landowners can easily keep track of their livestock and identify coyotes or other predators for population management. Everyday homeowners are able to scan their backyards, an empty room, or a far-away tree-line at night to identify potential security threats. And to avoid spooking game, hunters are able to scout an area as they move from a stand or a blind in the early morning. Of course, all hunting applications are subject to your local laws.

Like all things in life, thermal optics have limits. They can't see through walls or glass, and due to our rigorous testing standards, the LTO-Tracker HD is not rated for recoil and should not be mounted on a firearm. In fact, doing so will void the warranty on the device.

But if being stealthier, having more security, and improving your recovery efforts is important to you, then adding the LTO-Tracker HD to your everyday kit is a no brainer.

(Image Below: Week-old coyote carcass discovered with LTO-Tracker HD.)

Quick Hits

Compact Design

At just 5.8 inches long and 7 ounces, it’s small, light, and can be carried comfortably in any pocket.

Enhanced Resolution & Range

A new 390x390 pixel full circle display offers improved viewing resolution. In addition, the second-generation 320x240 thermal sensor detects heat signatures out to 750 yards.

New Color Palettes

The LTO-Tracker HD adds Copper and Range color palettes in addition to the standard 6 color options previously offered on the original LTO-Tracker.

Built Rugged

New ruggedized Gorilla Glass, aluminum housing and waterproof construction ensure the LTO-Tracker HD will handle whatever mother nature has in store.

Bring On The Cold

Being a thermal optic, outside temperature does affect the readings on the device. Colder temperatures will recognize heat signatures better than warmer temperatures. Rest assured, the LTO-Tracker HD will perform in temperature ranges from -4F to 140F.

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