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Doing More For Public Lands

T-Shirt Funds to Support RMEF’s Coos County, Oregon Conservation Project

These lands are your lands, and we vowed to put your dollars towards them. In the fall of 2018, Leupold partnered with onX and Randy Newberg to offer an exclusive run of t-shirts that feature “Marcus the Public Lands Llama”.

Marcus served as Randy Newberg’s lead pack animal on public land hunts throughout the western portion of the United States last fall. The initiative provided a unique look at public land topics around the nation and emphasized Leupold’s commitment to conservation.

All proceeds from the shirt sales were to be donated to a specific Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation public access project, and in total, over $3,000 in revenue was raised with your help.

In collaboration with RMEF, the funds will go to support a conservation/access project in Coos County, Oregon. RMEF has been working with the county to purchase, maintain, and open public access to a 600 acre section of previously private land that serves as vital Roosevelt elk habit. Both Leupold and onX will also be contributing to the project.

Photo by Stephen Baker/BLM Oregon

No optics company does more for sportsmen's rights and conservation across the United States than Leupold & Stevens, and the efforts of RMEF are very much aligned with the goals of the Leupold team and our core consumer. We’re proud to be able to partner with organizations such as onX, Randy Newberg, and RMEF who are dedicated to conserving wildlife habitat and opening greater land access for outdoorsmen and women nationwide.

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