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Own the Night

While you might already know that the LTO Tracker HD has been widely adopted by the hunting community, you may not realize its appeal goes well beyond scouting and tracking downed game. Whether you’re investing in home defense or you’re a member of the local search and rescue, this compact, lightweight thermal imager could be the perfect tool for you.

A thermal imager, in a nutshell, detects heat, which can come in handy around the house, on the hiking trail, or in the field. For example, the LTO Tracker HD is capable of reading which outlets in your house are hotter than the others or where heat may be leaking out of an ill-fitted window during a cold winter. Or more importantly, it can also help you find a potential intruder lurking around your home in the dark.

The LTO Tracker HD’s thermal sensor can detect temperatures from -40°F to 572°F, which covers all living things and any trail they may leave behind. So it’s more than capable of potentially locating unwanted company in your yard or home in a stealthy manner. Recent handprints and footprints will often register on the Tracker HD’s sensor, as well.

Did you just hear the garbage cans tip over outside? A quick scan can help you determine if it’s an annoying racoon or something worse. With a Tracker HD in hand, you could scan your driveway before approaching your car at night or do a quick sweep on your house before bed. And since its compact design is so lightweight and easy to carry, you’ll be able to take it wherever you need to. It really does help you take ownership of the night.

Though the LTO Tracker HD looks like a scope, the eyepiece is actually a screen – so you don’t have to press it to your eye to see the image. This allows you to essentially see in the dark while still having one free hand to manipulate other tools or defend yourself as necessary.

This affordable thermal device has already been put to use in creative ways. Last year, we received a letter from a police officer that used his original LTO Tracker to find a missing child, while another officer used the device to find a gun that was part of a crime scene. Campers have kept the device close by in order to know what’s rustling the brush by their tents at night, and ranchers have used the thermal tracker to count cattle more easily. Being able to see infrared images gives hunters, homeowners, ranchers, and first responders alike a distinct advantage in the field.

Eight color palettes come standard with the LTO Tracker HD, which also features a dimmable screen – meaning you can avoid backlighting yourself in the dark. A 390x390 Pixel Full Circle Display delivers crisp, clear images and is made of tough Gorilla Glass. It’s a rugged, lightweight package that’s designed to perform in the field and, when necessary, at home.

It’s important to note that our thermal imagers are not designed to handle firearm recoil, and the reticle feature on the LTO Tracker HD isn’t adjustable, either. Any return that indicates the product was mounted to a firearm will void the warranty. Use your thermal properly, and it’s backed by our 2-Year Electronics Warranty.

The new LTO Tracker HD takes thermal detection to another level. Like a good knife, binocular, or rangefinder, it has become essential gear for just about everyone.

You can get the LTO Tracker HD online or at a retailer near you.

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