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71° North - A Greenland Hunting Adventure

The Last Frontier

There are areas of Greenland that are completely untouched - making the hunting and nature unlike anywhere else in the world.

"If you imagine Greenland as one continental-­size sheet of ice, you’re not far off. Something like 90 percent of it is covered by an ice cap a thousand feet thick, which is why I anticipated hunting in arctic conditions.

But the coasts, especially along the southern shore where we are hunting, are surprisingly hospitable, with anywhere from a mile to a dozen miles of ice-free vegetation squeezed by the North Atlantic and the ice cap. It’s where Feldmann’s cabin is located, on a little jut of granite that he found by studying satellite photos for a year, identifying a place protected from the wind and the waves but with easy access to the bay. He doesn’t own the land—no one in Greenland really does—but the cabin is his as long as he uses it. When he’s gone, it’s a refuge for a boater blown off the water or for a hunter lost and alone," says Andrew McKean, hunting editor for Outdoor Life.

Musk Ox and Caribou are two species that thrive in remote environments, making the hunt that much more alluring. In order to get to them, you must venture north to the unforgiving beauty of the last frontier.

"The musk ox looks like he might have been chiseled out of the veined rock of this fjord.

Our guide, Frank Feldmann, cuts the boat’s throttle and peers through his binocular.

'He’s a young bull,' Feldmann says. His Scandinavian accent sharpens the first word into 'Heeze.'

'You see how his boss is a little weak and his horns don’t drop down. We can do better.'

Then we’re off, motoring to the very back of this bay, where the towering headwall of a glacier fractures into a field of house-size boulders and a snowmelt stream that threads its way to the bay."

Click here to read the full hunt story from Andrew McKean at Outdoor Life.

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