Built for the Bowhunter: Leupold’s New RX-FullDraw 3 Rangefinder

May 22, 2018

The RX-FullDraw line from Leupold & Stevens, Inc., has always found a home with our nation’s archers, and the new RX-FullDraw 3 will keep that trend rolling in 2018.

Built for the bowhunter, the RX-FullDraw 3 with the DNA engine is accurate to within ½-yard at up to 175 yards on game of any color. That means greater first-shot accuracy and more clean kills – the dream for any archer.

“Bowhunters are some of the most passionate, dedicated individuals in our community,” said Tim Lesser, vice president of product development for Leupold & Stevens, Inc. “The RX-FullDraw 3 has been designed from the ground up to deliver relentless performance worthy of that passion. If you’re an archer, this is the rangefinder you’ll want at your side the next time you’re in the woods.”

Consumers can choose from three reticles with readouts in yards and meters when using the RX-FullDraw 3. It will accurately range out to 1,300 yards and weighs just 7 ounces. It sports 6x magnification and a high-contrast, black LCD display.

Leupold’s Trophy Scale is include for instant and accurate width/height measurements on game animals. The entire package meets Leupold’s legendary reliability standards and is 100 percent waterproof.

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