Optics Academy

Patrol Designated Marksman

The application of a Designated Marksman (DM) optic for any office can increase accuracy, and the ability to positively identify threats at distance.

Developed at the request of law enforcement agencies nationwide, the Patrol Designated Marksman (PDM) course is designed to take the capabilities of your patrol division to the next level. This course will qualify your officers with a tool that will work as an entry team optic, as well as a close/medium range system; turning the patrol officer into a precision-capable member of the team that can act as a bridge between the red dot-equipped patrol rifle and a sniper weapon system. If your agency, office or department has found a need for higher magnification beyond the standard engagement range of 50 – 100 yds and the skills to use it to its potential, this course is designed with your team in mind!

ITAR RESTRICTED – Must provide proof of US citizenship

Duration: 3 Days Course Price: $750

For more information, email: RegistrationLOA@Leupold.com


  • Optics Principles (Up to LO-4)
  • Basic Scoped Rifle Fundamentals
  • Mounting the optic to the shooter and the rifle
  • Slings and Application
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Basic close/medium range data collection
  • Max Point Blank or Danger Space
  • Sight Offset Drills
  • Alternate Shooting Positions
  • Stress Drills
  • Fast Acquisition Drills

Required Gear

  • Reliable magazine-fed rifle capable of 2 moa or better accuracy
  • Versatile sling
  • Low variable-power magnified scope (preferably 1x – …x)
  • 3 spare magazines (4 total)
  • Sturdy range belt capable of bearing the load of magazines
  • Hearing / Eye protection
  • Water / Snacks
  • Cleaning / Maintenance gear
  • 400 rds of ammunition
  • Note taking gear
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