Optics Academy

General Scoped Rifle

This course is foundational. If you are in need of the basics, this is the course for you. 

Learn the fundamental basics of marksmanship and how it can be applied throughout many different disciplines. Start by learning your firearm’s platform and how it can be set up as a versatile system for all hunting, defensive or sporting applications. There is a heavy focus on optic selection backed with practical applications. You will shoot your chosen system from 15 – 400 yards and learn to be confident and deadly at all ranges. Throughout this course you will learn alternate shooting positions and sight offset drills. Novice shooters, hunters, competitors, and experienced rifleman will all gain knowledge and skill in this course.

Duration: 3 Days Course Price: $750

For more information, email: RegistrationLOA@Leupold.com


  • Optics Principles (Up to LO-4)
  • Basic Scoped Rifle Fundamentals
  • Mounting the optic to the shooter and the rifle
  • Slings and application
  • Max Point Blank or Danger Space
  • Basic External Ballistics
  • Sight Offset Drills
  • Alternate Shooting Positions

Required Gear

  • Reliable rifle capable of 2moa or better accuracy
  • Versatile sling
  • Low variable-power magnified rifle scope (preferably no higher than 4.5x on the low end)
  • 2 spare magazines (if applicable)
  • Sturdy range belt capable of bearing the load of magazines/ammo
  • Hearing / Eye protection
  • Water / Snacks
  • Cleaning / Maintenance gear
  • 400 rds of ammunition
  • Note taking gear

Available Dates

  • June 14-16, 2018
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