SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scopes

Get up close and personal with nature. Our new SX-1 Ventana™ combines sleek and striking industrial design, and superior optical quality with a price that keeps exceptional spotting within reach. With more eyepiece choices, extreme magnification ranges, and Leupold’s Lifetime Warranty, you’ll experience greater comfort and more confidence - wherever you’re viewing.

SX-1 Ventana Spotting Scopes

Length Weight Close
Focus Distance
45.00x 60.00mm 13.50in 30.60oz 13.80ft $389.00
45.00x 60.00mm 13.50in 30.60oz 13.80ft $389.00
60.00x 80.00mm 17.00in 37.00oz 24.90ft $584.00
60.00x 80.00mm 17.00in 37.00oz 24.90ft $584.00

Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process

Synergy Built

Synergy Built binoculars and spotting scopes bring together every aspect of design, sourcing, engineering, production, and quality control into a cohesive unit. By definition, Synergy Built optics are greater than their individual parts, and suffice it to say the sportsmen and women who put a set of Synergy Built optics to their eyes are the utimate winners once again.

Smooth Focusing

Twist Up Eyecups

Armor coated and rugged.

Tripod Ready

Retractable Lens Shade

100% Waterproof and Fog Proof