QRW Mounting Systems

We brought Leupold accuracy to the popular cross-slot format! A few turns of the thumb levers is all it takes to connect or disconnect your scope from the one or two-piece base, or Picatiny-style rail. Each time the scope is reattached it will return to within one half a minute of angle of the original point-of-impact on the target.

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QRW Mounting Systems

Ring Height Starting
0.84in $121.00
1.00in $100.00
1.09in $121.00
0.97in $121.00
0.88in $100.00
0.75in $100.00

Matte Black Gloss or silver finish. (mounts)

Versatile, and available for many different rifles.

Maximum Accessability (2 pc. Mounts)

2 Piece Bases (Mounts)

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