Dual Dovetail Mounting Systems

Leupold's steel Dual Dovetail bases and rings are one of our strongest mount systems, designed for large caliber rifles with high recoils. The twist-and-lock action of the rings ensures a strong connection with the one or two-piece base.

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Dual Dovetail Mounting Systems

Ring Height Starting
0.77in $59.00
0.65in $59.00
1.00in $59.00
.90in $82.00
0.90in $39.00
0.90in $82.00
N/A $82.00
0.65in $39.00
0.90in $59.00
0.77in $39.00
0.90in $53.00
1.00in $39.00
0.55in $39.00

Matte Black Gloss or silver finish. (mounts)

Forged and Machined steel construction.

Versatile, and available for many different rifles.

Maximum Accessability (2 pc. Mounts)

2 Piece Bases (Mounts)

Leupold’s® trademarked Dual Dovetail™ system (DD Mounts)

DD Bases (DD Mounts)