BX-1 Rogue Binoculars

Contemporary styling and design make the new BX-1 Rogue™ Series an instant favorite. With a well-balanced body built around a high-performance Porro prism optical system, the BX-1 Rogue is perfect for extended viewing with no fatigue. The fully multi-coated lenses create a bright, crisp image and, of course, the BX-1 Rogue Series is rugged and reliable, with our trademark waterproofing.

BX-1 Rogue Binoculars

Length Weight Close
Focus Distance
8.00x 25.00mm 4.30in 12.70oz 14.10ft $119.99
8.00x 42.00mm 5.50in 23.50oz 24.00ft $204.99
8.00x 50.00mm 7.30in 29.70oz 34.00ft $209.99
10.00x 25.00mm 4.30in 12.70oz 14.10ft $159.99
10.00x 42.00mm 5.70in 24.20oz 21.00ft $194.99
10.00x 50.00mm 7.00in 33.00oz 30.00ft $214.99


Proprietary Nitrogen Fill Process

Synergy Built

Synergy Built binoculars and spotting scopes bring together every aspect of design, sourcing, engineering, production, and quality control into a cohesive unit. By definition, Synergy Built optics are greater than their individual parts, and suffice it to say the sportsmen and women who put a set of Synergy Built optics to their eyes are the utimate winners once again.

Smooth Focusing

Twist Up Eyecups

Armor coated, rugged, and waterproof.

Close focus distance of 10 feet.

Ergonomic Design

Diopter Focus

Porro Prism Design

Fully Multi coated Lens System

BAK 4 Prisms