Eva Shockey-Brent


As the daughter of Professional Hunter and outdoor television producer, Jim Shockey, Eva has been part of the outdoor industry since birth. And though her childhood dreams revolved around competitive dance, she traded in her tutu for camo when she was 21 and never looked back.

Today, Eva combines her passion for hunting and conservation in her expeditions across the globe as a professional hunter and the co-host of Outdoor Channel’s Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures.

In 2014, Eva became the second woman to ever grace the cover of Field & Stream, almost forty years after Queen Elizabeth was featured in 1976. Among others, Eva has appeared on ABC’s Nightline and the Fox Business Network as the “new face of hunting.”

In 2015, she was featured alongside country music sensation Miranda Lambert in the award-winning Ram Trucks commercial, “Courage is Already Inside,” and in the August 2016 issue of Field & Stream, Eva was voted “Most Admired Prominent Outdoorswoman.”

Wife to former professional hockey player, Tim Brent, and mother to daughter, Leni Bow, Eva continues to pursue her passion for hunting while balancing a family and her healthy lifestyle of organic eating and fitness.