Going the Distance; FCSA World Championships


Last July, four people — Jeff Burch, Darik Bollig, Eduardo de Fontcuberta and Michelle Chestnut — won a whole lot of awards at the 2013 FCSA World Championships (Fifty Caliber Shooter’s Association) at the NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico. These folks all had one thing in common: Barrett rifles and Leupold riflescopes.

In the 600 Yard Practical event, Jeff Burch won 1st place with a score of 146 and 6x, Darik Bollig took 3rd with 139 and 3x, and Eduardo de Fontcuberta placed 5th with 134 and 4x. Jeff and Darik both shot a Barrett Model 99 with a Leupold Mark 8, and Eduardo used the M107A1 with
a Mark 4.

In the 600 Yard Semi-Auto competition, Eduardo took 1st place with a 137 and 2x, while Michelle placed 5th with a 107 and 0x. Both of them ran a M107A1 with a Mark 4 scope. For reference, 600 yards is the length of six football fields. And if you don’t know how far that is, you don’t love America.

In case you don’t know how the scoring works, here’s a breakdown from the FCSA’s website.

    Scoring for numerical score shall be accomplished in the following manner:

  • Numerical score is the total accumulation of points scored by adding the target value of each round fired based on which scoring ring on the target the round is located. Misses are given a score value of zero (0). X’s are scored ten (10) points and all others are scored based on the numerical value of the scoring ring where the round is located.
  • Aggregate score totals shall be determined by the totals of all six (6) record groups over the two (2) day match.
  • Rounds which break the outer most edge of a scoring ring are given the score value of the higher value of the two scoring rings involved.

Good job everybody! Also, despite the very strict rifle weight limits imposed by the FCSA for competitive shooting, I’m pretty sure Michelle weighs less than her M107A1. What’s more, she also won the Iron Maiden trophy for shooting in all four events. That means she basically spent an entire day hitting her shoulder with a .50-caliber sledgehammer. Congratulations, Michelle! Keep some ice on that shoulder!