Digital Camera Spotting Scope Adapter

Capture images of wildlife or any outdoor event using this adapter, your digital camera, and the Leupold® Golden Ring® 12-40x60mm spotting scope. The adapter itself snaps onto any digital camera with a 58mm lens. With the plates included in the kit, you can convert the adapter to fit 28mm, 37mm, 43mm, and 52mm digital camera lenses.

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Tools and AccessoriesStarting
2.5in – 40mm Lens Shades (Pre-2004)$36.00
4in – 40mm Lens Shade (Pre-2004)$40.00
12-40x60mm Spotting Scope Soft Side Case$94.00
50 Ft Focus Adapter (Pre-2004)$68.00
Alumina 2.5in—40mm Lens Shade$36.00
Alumina 2.5in—50mm Lens Shade$48.00
Alumina 3in—42mm Lens Shade$74.99
Alumina 3in—44mm Lens Shade$74.99
Alumina 3in—50mm Lens Shade$74.99
Alumina 3in—52mm Lens Shade$74.99
Alumina 4in—40mm Lens Shade$40.00
Alumina 4in—50mm Lens Shade$50.00
Alumina 50 Ft Focus Adapter$80.00
Alumina Competition Series 2.5in—45mm Lens Shade$48.00
Alumina Competition Series 4in—45mm Lens Shade$52.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 20mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 28mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 32-33mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 36mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 40mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 40mm & Standard EP$132.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 50mm$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – 50mm & Standard EP$132.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – Standard EP$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – Ultralight EP$66.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – VX-L 50mm & Standard EP$164.00
Alumina Flip-Back Lens Cover – VX-L 56mm & Standard EP$164.00
Alumina Rubber Eyepiece Guard – Standard EP$26.00
Alumina Rubber Eyepiece Guard – Ultralight EP$26.00
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 20mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 28mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 32-33mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 36mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 40mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – 50mm$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – Standard EP$17.30
Alumina Threaded Lens Cover – Ultralight EP$17.30
Binocular Tripod Adapter$30.00
Compact Tripod$142.00
Digital Camera Spotting Scope Adapter$234.00
Lens Pen$11.90
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device (Pre-2004)$26.00
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 30mm$208.00
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 36mm$208.00
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 40mm$208.00
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 50mm$208.00
Mark 4 ARD Anti-Reflection Device – 60mm$238.00
Mark 4 CQ/T Battery Pack$66.00
Mark 4 Ring Torque Wrench$298.00
Mounting Tool$24.00
Quick Release Binocular Harness$38.00
Ring Wrench$18.00
Scope Cover, Large$26.00
Scope Cover, Medium$26.00
Scope Cover, Small$26.00
Scope Cover, X-Large$26.00
Scope Cover, XX-Large$26.00
Torx Driver$12.00
Torx Screw Kit$64.00
Trek Pod II$158.00
Window Mount$138.00